Friday, 23 November 2012

The Walking Dead! Big News!

Hey guys! Just thought I'd let you know I've released the first video for my Walking Dead series and its a special video as it is 40 minutes long! Yep, forty minutes of none stop talking and freaking out. You'll love it.
At the moment I haven't released it but people who have the link (here) will be able to see it first!



Link -


Hey guys,

I was on Steam a few minutes ago and was looking at one of the sales, an indie game called Ravaged caught my eye and I watched the trailer. So far this game looks amazing it reminds me of Battlefield 3 and Red Faction, there are two factions in this game "The Resistance" and "The Scavengers" the resistance are militant  like and seem capable whereas the Scavengers look like the raiders from Fallout 3, insane, violent and volatile.
This looks like it could be a really amazing experience so I just thought I'd let you guys know!
So check it out if you're looking for something new.

Trailer below.




Update #6

Hey guys!

Now I know what you're thinking "Holy Shit! Wheres this fucker been" I can explain I promise! Ok I can't I just haven't had the time to post or upload videos but I have good news! Today I am hoping to post at least four videos! Lucius, Deadlight, Hitman ANDDD (drum role please) A NEW WALKING DEAD SERIES!
Yes thats right! I WILL be doing the entire first season of Walking Dead and it will be FUCKING AWESOME.

Now, there will be no edits where I fuck up or make a bad choice this will be a completely original playthrough, my version of Lee will be shaped through the experiences he goes through and the ending is all on me!

So I would like to invite you all! (All two viewers of you ;D) to join me on this great adventure! I will be making a playlist for each episode as they are an hour long, either that or I'll put them in the same playlist. But each episode will have its on bit of land here.

So yeah! I'm back from my little "break" hope you're as hyped as I am!